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Month: June 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Apple Taking Steps to Prevent Law Enforcement From Unlocking iPhones

JUNE RECAP VIDEO: When Apple releases iOS 12 this summer, it will include a means of blocking attempts to unlock iPhones through their Lightning Ports, a method currently used by the FBI.

Windows 10 Sets Multitasking Feature Gets Temporarily Benched

The latest Windows 10 test build 17704 adds new security and data privacy features but lacks Sets, a major new UI element intended to improve multi-application workflows.

Mozilla Patches 18 Flaws in Firefox 61, Adds Tab Warming Feature

DAILY VIDEO: Mozilla improves web browser security with its Firefox 61 update, and Ping Identity acquires Elastic Beam for AI-powered API security.

Gentoo Linux Reports Hack of GitHub Mirror Site

Attackers were able to compromise a Gentoo Linux developer’s GitHub account and planted malware that aimed to erase user files.

DDoS Attacks Set New Record While Credential Abuse Attacks Decline

Akamai’s State of the Internet Security Summer 2018 reveals that once again SQL injection is the top web application attack vector.

IT Science Case Study: Detecting Advanced Cyber Threats

How IBC Bank used machine learning technology to improve its cybersecurity detection and response capabilities for advanced targeted attacks.

Why California Data Privacy Law Promises Chaos by 2020

NEWS ANALYSIS: The new privacy law passed in California after a brief consideration and little preparation is likely to be a harbinger for more privacy laws throughout the U.S.

Samsung Unveiling Its Latest Note 9 Premium Smartphone on Aug. 9

In a teaser email invitation received by eWEEK, Samsung said it will announce its latest Galaxy Note premium phone, which includes a stylus.

WPA3 Launches, Providing Next-Gen WiFi Security Capabilities

DAILY VIDEO: The next-generation WPA3 WiFi security standard launches, and Microsoft updates its Quantum Development Kit with improved debugging.

Microsoft’s Enterprise IoT Push Moves to the Intelligent Edge

Customers can now deploy AI, analytics and other intelligent services at the edge using Microsoft’s new Azure IoT Edge service.