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Month: July 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

AlienVault Integrates Endpoints Into Unified Security Management

Ahead of the company’s pending acquisition by AT&T, AlienVault is now adding endpoint detection capabilities based on the open-source Osquery project into the USM Anywhere platform.

Oracle Launches Trust Fabric Initiative to Better Secure Identity

DAILY VIDEO: Oracle brings autonomous security to identity with Trust Fabric, and Google embraces hybrid as a path to the future cloud.

Absolute Software: Product Overview and Analysis

Absolute gives enterprises visibility to protect every endpoint, remediate vulnerabilities and ensure compliance in the face of insider and external threats.

HP Launches Bug Bounty Program to Discover Security Flaws in Printers

HP Inc. is teaming up with Bugcrowd for the initiative designed to award up to $10,000 to researchers who discover vulnerabilities in the company’s printers.

FireEye Boosts Endpoint Security With MalwareGuard Machine Learning

FireEye is improving its ability to detect unknown malware and attacks with the new MalwareGuard machine learning technology that is integrated in its Endpoint Security 4.5 release.

Aera Technology’s Cognitive OS Helps Fine Tune Business Operations

Silicon Valley-based Aera Technology says that it has developed the first “cognitive operating system” that gives enterprise users new insights and recommended actions to improve their business performance.

Five Security Defenses Every Containerized Application Needs

Containers are increasingly being used by companies to deliver and deploy applications in the cloud. Here are five steps that companies can take to secure containers before they are deployed.

How NS1 is Speeding Up IT Automation with Private DNS

New platform brings scale, performance and automation advantages required by the largest internet companies to all enterprises embracing new-gen application infrastructure.

Microsoft Brings Web Authentication to Its Edge Browser

By adding web authentication capabilities, Microsoft says it wants to bolster security for Edge browser users.

Google Turns to AI, Machine Learning to Improve Cloud Security

DAILY VIDEO: Google Cloud Platform gets improved security and new IoT options, and Apple fixes a throttling glitch in its new MacBook Pro laptops.